2nd Round Saturday Vienna Dubs   October 18, 2013 at 3:24pm

10/19 - Season closer - 9 hole scrambler, Jumbo Toss and League Awards

After some dicussion, we are going to have 18 holes of CTP's, 1st round for $10 ALL-IN. 2nd round will be 9 hole scrambler (draw for partners and draw for starting holes), with combined Ace Pools (1st and 2nd rounds totally around $450+) and a Jumbo Toss, which will include many added awards, $10 ALL-IN. If you want to opt out of the Jumbo toss, the 9 hole scrambler with both Ace pool will be $7. You must play in the scrambler to play in the Jumbo Toss. All awards will be awarded after the scrambler. I encourage everyone to stay for both rounds and join in the fun and help us celebrate another great season of Saturday Vienna Dubs. Peace