Pelham Tags 2013 - Sundays/Tuesdays   October 9, 2013 at 8:12pm

Thanks for a great season!

Just wanted to extend another huge THANK YOU to everyone for coming out and supporting the league this year. We played over 72 rounds of disc golf, gave back with significant contributions to course improvements, and of course, made new huckin' friendships to take with us as we play on.

Additional thanks to those who made it out and helped with the league finale on Sunday, even in the less-than-stellar weather conditions.

The Ace Race title went to Gary Adams, who edged out Martin Desch's Ace with an Ace of his own plus a Metal Hit to clinch the victory. Gary won an Innova Dominator and a $10 gift cert to Marshall Street.

The Random Dubz competition was also close, with the win going to the team of Greg Bianco and Johhny Flash for their -5, narrowly beating out multiple teams that finished -4. Greg and Flash each take home a dubz medal and $10 gift certs.

Medals and MS gift certificates were awarded to the top 3 finishers in the Gold division, top 10 in the Platinum, and some significant stats. For those not present to receive your awards, I'll hold on to them until we can get you the goods. I'm also holding the extra mini's for those that don't yet have a matching set.


1. Greg Bianco ($50 + Medal)
2. Ken Marshall ($30 + Medal)
3. Jim Wirwille ($20 + Medal)
4. Vijay Kakkad ($15 + Medal)
5. Ryan Stebbins ($10 + Medal)
6. Daniel Marcus ($7 + Medal)
7. Tucker Davis (Medal)
8. Chris Mergemekes (Medal)
9. Kyle Strasshofer (Medal)
10. Matt Lamontagne (Medal)


1. Gary Adams ($20 + Medal)
2. Lee Marshall ($10 + Medal)
3. Ryan Metivier ($7 + Medal)

Other Stats Awards:

Best Average - Daniel Marcus ($10 + Medal) (Averaged an impressive 51 for the season)
Most Improved - Gary Adams ($10 + Medal) (Improved average by 12 strokes between first and last 5 rounds)
Most Dedicated - Ryan Stebbins ($10 + Medal) (Non-league admin with most rounds played - 37)

Greg Bianco printed out and posted some of the stats on the info board by Hole #1 for any of those interested in checking it out.

$220 (and a 12pack of ShockTop) was given to Mark Ravenelle on behalf of the league members as our contribution to the Tee Pad Improvement effort. Of that total, $123 was the remainder in the 2013 league fund after all activities/awards, and an additional $97 came from the donation box at league finale event. Thanks again to everyone for chipping in!

Finally, if anyone is interested in helping out to plan and manage the league next year, drop me a note and we'll be sure to include you on the email threads when discussions fire up in the early spring.

I hope everyone keeps on coming out to meet up and play both Sunday morning and Tues afternoons. I know I'm looking forward to many more rounds this year, as I especially love these cooler months out on the courses. See you all soon!

Huck on,


Gary Adams   October 9, 2013 at 7:36pm

Thanks Vijay and Greg for all you did this year!