WC GLOW 2013-2014   October 9, 2013 at 10:38pm

League Basics

More info to come, but the remainder needs some revisions. Here are the basics of the league.

With input from several league participants, we will try rotating between Bandemer, MBD, and possibly another course or two during the league season. First 4 weeks will be locked in between Bandemer and MBD.

First official night is October 9th. League finale will be on March 6th.

We currently play best shot – doubles.

$5 minimum in, 100% going to payout. OPTIONAL: $2 ace pool with 75% payout on an ace. Some weeks will have an optional CTP for additional fee.

POINT SYSTEM: 2 points participation + 1 point per person you best. Outright winner(no ties) each week receives an additional 2 points. Aces are worth 30 points towards your league total.