DGLA: Michigan Cooperative Point Series - Summer 2013   October 7, 2013 at 8:43pm

DGLA: Michigan Cooperative Point Series - Winter 2014

DGLA: Michigan Cooperative Point Series - Winter 2014

14 week State Wide Disc Golf League Point Series

Sunday Nov 24th 2013 - Saturday Mar 1st 2014

New this season:
- Point accrual is based on your One best round per week instead of Two.
- Aces are worth 25 points for Winter and Summer

(More details are on the League page)

The Disc Golf League Association (DGLA) is proud to bring you the 3rd annual, Michigan Cooperative Point Series – Winter, (MiCPS-W) 2014 season.

Leagues Coordinators need to Opt in to the MiCPS - Once your league is online send us the URL of your league on DiscGolfScene.com to join. Any Michigan league that has rounds played any time between Sunday Nov 24th 2013 and Saturday March 1st 2014 are eligible for the MiCPS-W 2014. The deadline to add new leagues is January 15th 2014.

** Leagues can always run outside the MiCPS dates but MiCPS points will only accumulate for rounds played between these dates.

Cost: There is no fee to be in the MiCPS-W 2013, you just play league rounds in participating leagues and your scores are automatically included. You must have a Disc Golf Scene profile which is also free.

Everyone is competing for the title Michigan State Disc Golf League Winter Champion 2014.

DGLA "Player" level are competing for additional awards, MDGO berths, the top 40 "Players" or 40% of the "Players", which ever is larger will be awarded credit at our sponsor disc golf stores. In addition to the DGLA "Players" package.

To get Winter and Summer 2014 Point Series you must be a DGLA "Player" level Member by Jan 15th 2014 when we lock the Player Member list for the Winter Season.

You can become a DGLA Player member by going to the Disc Golf League Association website and paying by PayPal, Mailing a check to DGLA. Check here for more info or to register:

Existing Members can log into the DGLA Members area and upgrade on their membership profile page.