"Pure Flight" - Jolly Campers   October 7, 2013 at 3:11am

Ace Buckets Yo! SOMEONE IS GETTING PAID! Stayton and Sublimity!

We are going to the Brand New Parks in Sublimity and Stayton this next week and we are going to play 9 holes at Pioneer Park and 9 holes at Church park. They are 10 minutes or less away from each other so will can car pool if we need to. We will also be doing buckets on the top of the basket for points since its not a private course, and we will let each card have a bucket to put up before they throw and take with them to each basket. Knock down the bucket from the Tee Pad = +5 STF Points, hit it off for Birdie = +2 but counts for a stroke for Raw Score points (still need to throw a 3rd shot for Par). See you there!!