Ann Arbor Disc Induced Sports Club   October 5, 2013 at 8:49pm

Buzzz GTs Limited Editions and Mystic Mills

We will have them for you to check out at the gulch league at 3:00 and at Winter Warmer #1

We got our GT Buzzz in Thursday they are some slick disc there like the crystals earlier this year but in Z plastic. Discraft limited there sale to MDGO clubs, so there are exclusive to Michigan and exclusive to MDGO clubs. There $20 each we got less than 80 to sell so limited number available.
Check out:
A3disc and Discraft present
Mystic Mills!
Cashless and online reg available.
We're excited to present on October 26, 2013 will be one round Glo and part day tournament each 18 holes per round on the original course at Hudson Mills this is an awesome event. It's a awesome event to get involved with that we've got some beautiful super color with a matching mini for the first 20 players paid we currently have 11 left.

Don't miss out on this event this glow tournament is a really special event were excited to bring back this year this time was supercolors that are amazing art something not done for Mystic Mills in over 10 years.

Mika Perez is our tournament director for this event.
We will have some fun games in between the rounds there will be a costume contest best costume for male and female to be awarded the prize

Cost is $30
will be deducting $12 for the super color disc which is a Buzzz ESP.

With a3s new payout policy of 125% pay at all event that makes payouts $23 per player being used towards payout money for am players so the more the come out the more payout there is to win that's true for Pro and Am divisions bring your glow tape flashlights pads to take your desk and glow plastic we also have the Meld(think Stanley cup for Discgolf) its just been a long-standing tradition with A3disc that we want to bring back again this year.

To get your name on it the only requirement is to win the glo round only the glo round while using only glo plastic no other tape (cheating in the past for using tape on a glo disc has lead to disqualification of meld award) or anything else attached to your disc, no pods, no bobber lights nothing.

Will have a two dollar Ace Pool some CTP's that were donated by Gateway disc cool two pack of disc side games and CTP will be free for playing in the event lots to win lots of money on the table the more players out there the more money on the table come out have some fun make this a Halloween bash!