Pelham Tags 2013 - Sundays/Tuesdays   October 3, 2013 at 8:44pm

Points and Tags and ACES updated for Tuesday, 10/1/13

Crazy congrats go out to Johhny Flash for his ACE on Hole #11, which was also the CTP Hole for the round!
Flash took home just shy of $40 for his ACE/CTP clean sweep win.

Reminder to all that this was the last official Tuesday night round. Everyone is encouraged to keep on playing on Tuesdays as daylight and schedules allow, we just won't be tallying points, etc.

Also, reminder that this coming Sunday, 10/6, is the league finale. Please see my previous news post for all the details on the finale. We haven't had many people sign up for BBQ pot luck items yet in the chat room, so please make it known if you can bring something. Chips, sides, plates, utensils, condiments, tables, rain canopy (hope we won't need it), whatever you can bring, just chat it in the room so everyone knows.

The link to the chat room again is here:

Scores from Tuesday:

Player Strokes Division Tag Points

Wirwille, Jim 51 (-4) Platinum 1 4
Marcus, Daniel 52 (-3) Platinum 37 3
Bianco, Greg 54 (-1) Platinum 2 2
Rulander, Jack 54 (-1) Platinum 10 2
Vilmorin, Phil 55 (E) Platinum 13 1
Flash, Johnny 55 (E) Platinum 17 1
Kakkad, Vijay 56 (+1) Platinum 19 1
Mergemekes, Chris 56 (+1) Platinum 21 1
Adams, Gary 57 (+2) Gold 1 4
Babineau, Greg 58 (+3) Platinum 19 1
Fritchey, Gregg 58 (+3) Platinum 22 1
Alsfeld, Matt 60 (+5) Platinum 29 1

See you all Sunday!