Pelham Tags 2013 - Sundays/Tuesdays   October 1, 2013 at 4:15am

League Finale Details - This Sunday, 10/6 at 10am

Hey there Huckers,

Here are more details on the upcoming league finale this Sunday, 10/6 at 10am.

The plan of events is as follows:

10am - Ace Race

We will have flags set up along the course to mark the custom tee locations to be used for the Ace Race.
Each person has two attempts at each basket using any two discs from their bag. Different discs can be used on different holes.
Score cards will be provided so that each group can keep track of how many Aces and Metal Hits each player gets during the round.
At the end of the round, the player with the most Aces wins. In the event of a tie for number of Aces, the player with more metal hits wins.

11:30am (ish) - League Awards/Prizes

After all groups complete the Ace Race, meet back at Hole #1 for the distribution of prizes and awards:
1. Award for Ace Race winner
2. Awards for top finishers in the Platinum and Gold divisions.
3. Awards for select other stats-based standouts

We've got extra bag tag minis! All league members who attend will get another mini to take home. Platinum members will receive a Gold mini, and Gold members will receive a Platinum mini so everyone has a nice matching set.

12pm (ish) - Potluck BBQ

After the awards, it's time to refuel and kick back for a bit with a pot luck BBQ.
I'm volunteering to bring burgers and burger buns. Greg Bianco mentioned he will bring hot dogs and buns.
Mat Ladroga said he could bring his full size grill. Two grills are better than one for cooking speed (and backup plan) if anyone else wants to volunteer a second grill.

I've started a chat room discussion at the following link where people can coordinate and chime in they would like to contribute something to the BBQ event.
I'm thinking we could use a couple tables if people have portable ones they can bring. Paper plates, forks, napkins, chips, desserts, or your favorite side dish would be a great additions as well.
Chat room here:

We will have a donation bucket available during the BBQ for anyone that wants to personally contribute to the recent tee pad improvements at the course. For those who have not seen the course this week, you'll notice that there are now 17 tee pads completed with rubber mats. Thanks to everyone who has contributed their time, energy, and money to make this happen.
The majority of this was made possible by Mark Ravenelle, who has fronted the funds necessary to purchase the 18 rubber pads. A portion of the league fund that is allocated for course improvements will be going to Mark to help reimburse some of the costs for the pads and materials. This amount does not even cover half of the cost, however, so any further donations during finale day will be greatly appreciated.

1pm (ish) - Dubz final

To level the playing field, players will be grouped into two skill level buckets based on their average round score for the year. Teams will be formed by randomly picking one name from each bucket. Prizes will awarded to the team that wins the final doubles match.
There was discussion on perhaps making this a "two-disc" doubles challenge, since people seemed to enjoy the last two-disc singles challenge we did earlier in the year. We will take a vote prior to the doubles team selection to see what everyone would rather do, two-disc or regular doubles, majority wins.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Sunday!