K-State Disc Golf Club   September 13, 2013 at 4:28am

Qualifier Tryout Rounds

In order to determine which players will be competing in the Heartland Collegiate Disc Golf Championships (Ottumwa, IA) we will be conducting a series of tryouts. Each player is required to participate in a total of three (3) rounds. Players are allowed to play a maximum of two qualifying rounds at any of the courses, but only the best score of the two will be recorded. One round must be played at each of the following courses: Fairmont Park, Warner Park, & Tuttle Creek.

A “Q-round” consists of a full 18 holes between at least three (3) players. The players present must be KSU Disc Golf Club members that can verify your score. Each player must record their score on a scorecard and have each player sign it. You must declare that you are using this as a qualifier-tryout round before the round begins.

Be sure to play each course according to the league rules associated with each course. At Warner Park, remember to not throw over the top of the trees on Hole 1 and to play the practice basket from Hole 9’s tee the first time through and then the long placement the second time through.

I will be recording each player’s scores as they are reported until I have three 18-hole scores from that player. The best score from each course will be used to determine a player’s total average score of the three courses combined.

Ben Nispel   September 13, 2013 at 12:45pm

Just go ahead and save me a spot, I've still got my K-state ID ;)