Travelling Thursday Throwdown   September 6, 2013 at 9:04am

TTT was just a teaser for the Travelling Glow League!!!

Well we wrapped up this quick 8 week travelling league tonight. We went 8 weeks on 4 different courses and did not see a single ace . . . so tonight we paid out just under half of the ace pool money by division based on total league attendance.

$5 went to the Women's/Junior division which was won by Shayla Finley . . . who only edged out her brother Jimmy by 3' when we threw to #16 (with the only stipulation being that anything on the pavement or over the snow fencing setup for the Soap Box Derby was considered OB.

We also had only one Open player tonight (and 9 total rounds played by the Open players) so Mike Finley took down the $5. He also offered up the idea if an ace was hit to throw in $10 which I agreed to do . . . so he had nothing to lose by running for the ace since he was considered the CTP regardless. He ended up overthrowing it slightly, skipping off the pavement, and onto the grass left of the pavement. Either way he was walking home with some ace pool cash tonight for being present the last night of league . . . the rest of the Open players could have guaranteed cash if they had come back this week.

We had 4 Recreational players tonight which was the next best attended division with 23 total rounds played. I offered up $10 to the closest in this division and Shaun Kirchner edged out Dan Bertzyk who had thrown a pretty shot up the hill and landing in the mulch . . . Shaun literally beat him by only 2-3' and they were both drop in putts.

Finally in Intermediate (the most attended division with 34 total rounds played) we had 3 players tonight and I also put up $10 for this division. I was saved by the last bit of grass/weeds/mulch because if I landed 2" further left . . . I was OB so I feel fortunate to have beaten Patrick Brah (who was only 15'-20' away).

The rest of the ace pool money will be donated to the course funds . . . I can't give them all to VV since we only played 2 weeks here so I will split up those funds across all 4 of the courses we played . . . Valley View, Root River, Estabrook, and Dretzka.

Thank you to everyone for attending this season . . . I wish attendance was better because I truly think playing each other at different courses can really help everyone learn where some of their strengths and weaknesses are. I will always run at least 1 travelling league because of this reason . . . plus I get a little tired of playing the same course every week.

In Open the highest point winner was Scott Slauson who attended 2 weeks for 3 points . . . no trophy this time Scott but thank you for coming to the league when you could. PS You only beat Mike Finley by 1 point because he also attended 2 weeks of this league!

In Intermediate . . . I had actually miscalculated earlier today because I thought all I needed to do was play . . . when in actuality I needed to win with 3 people in the division(if Greg Klein didn't attend) . . . and I happened to do just that. I wish Greg could have made it the last few weeks . . . but he most likely would have overtaken me in the division. Either way I enjoyed the battles we had each week along with Chad and Pat and the other people who came a couple of times.I finished with 20 points, Greg K. finished at 19.5 (missing the last 2 weeks) and Chad Niezgoda just squeezed ahead of Pat Brah to finish in third.

In Recreational we had a closer fight . . . because there were scenarios where Dan Bertzyk (current leader), Shaun Kirchner (currently 2nd), and Troy Windorff (currently third) could have won the league tonight. Shaun did everything he could by winning the night with a (-3) and he was actually helped by the tie between Dan B. and Troy W. at (-2) but he would have needed Dan B. to finish last of the 4 players tonight. SO in the end Dan Bertzyk finished on top with 16.5 points, Shaun Kirchner ended up with 14 just .5 points ahead of Troy Windorff at 13.5 points. Nice battle gentlemen . . . it was back and forth the whole season.

We only had 5 total rounds in the Women's Division this season . . . I wish this was higher but I am happy that the women did have their own league to attend this season. If there are any other ladies out there looking for some good fun competition the DOLLS will for sure be doing another all womens league next year I am sure. If you don't want to play there. . . you are always welcome at my leagues. I lowered the prices so that it was more affordable too.

Thanks again for everyone who attended . . . look for a bigger and better lineup next year . . .I plan to do this league but make it last a lot longer and attend more courses!!!!!