Travelling Thursday Throwdown   September 5, 2013 at 9:14pm

Wrapping up TTT at the VV

We will be wrapping up Travelling Thursday Throwdown tonight at Valley View. This league was my last minute decision to put together a travelling league and I am glad I did it. I thoroughly enjoy competing against people on different courses. It really shows you where your strong suits and weak points are and a lot can be learned from seeing how you play comparatively to other players at each course. The Ace Pool is at $58 going into the night so come try to get a piece of that cash. If noone hits an ace we will find another way to divide up that money. Thanks for all who attended and for those who might win trophies . . . please be patient because they will not be ready immediately. They will be personalized so I needed to know who the winner was in order to produce the trophy. I hope they are well received because I think the idea was pretty clever. NEXT WEEK WE MOVE RIGHT INTO GLOW LEAGUES. MONDAYS ARE AT VALLEY VIEW AND THURSDAYS ARE TRAVELLING AGAIN AND WE START AT BROWN DEER SO COME ON OUT FOR A BEATDOWN AT BROWN DEER NEXT THURSDAY!

Mike Harrington   September 5, 2013 at 1:18pm

New Latitude and Westside discs along with a few new or restocked items from Dynamic Discs (Biofuzion Truths look awesome) came in along with the First Run Discraft Crank drivers. I have a few low cost discs in the Latitude 64 Test Material . . . Diamonds (lightweight), Fuse, and River . . . these ... more