2013 CNYDGA Wednesday Night League   September 5, 2013 at 12:25pm

Wednesday League Week #21

Perfect weather for my last night out this year. Nice and cool and the breeze even died down right before we started. 3 new guys showed up with 2 weeks to go. Zack Parsell sandbagged me and landed in the C pool. He got teamed up with Spencer and they took the gold. First time in weeks Spencer didn't have a little pouty face. Matt Bailey came with the Faes clan and got teamed up with E-Mac. Lastly Jake Peters got to play with a Courbat. Clay brought out the crowds again. We had 43 people and the top spots were:

Spencer/Zack - 49 - 60$
M.Peters/Fran D. - 50 - 36$
Sweet/Bargabos - 50 - 36$
Salisbury/Z - 50 - 24$
Dylan/G-Man - 51 - 24$
Crowley/Cady - 51 - 24$
Westy/Nate - 51 - 24$

All CTPs were on hole 10;
A pool was Dylan for 13$.
B pool was Nate for 17$.
C pool was Matt Bailey for 13$.

Ace pool is up to 72$ with one week to go.

Thanks to the new guys for coming out. Big thanks to Fran for bringing out pizzas and beverages from his ace pool winnings. Not necessary, but always appreciated!

I won't be here next week. Jason G. will be running the show with help from everyone, don't give him any grief. TEE OFF WILL BE AT 5:20. If you can't make it by 5:20, sorry, but it's just too dark too early to get started later. Jason's number is 315-247-8384 if you need to get in touch with him. Do not ask him to accommodate you if you're not able to show up until 5:30 or later. Calling me will do you no good next week, my phone will be off.

Thanks all for a great season. I'll get some things together and pick a date and location for the year end final. Stay tuned.