Travelling Thursday Throwdown   August 30, 2013 at 9:37am

The Lucky 7

We had 7 people in attendance and we all looked at each other wondering where everyone else was. Not only was this the smallest group for this league, but I have not seen this few people at Valley View since winter. I believe the high temperatures during the day, school being back in session in some areas, high school tryouts and sports taking precedence over "frolf", Harley Davidson's 110th Anniversary, as well as the fact that Labor Day weekend is upon us all had factors in the light turnout for league as well as the overall light crowd at Valley View tonight.

We missed the regulars tonight and hope you will consider coming back for week 8 . . . each division is up for grabs and the final week can decide them all.

We ended up going out in 2 groups tonight which seemed to move things along pretty well. There was a group of three from Intermediate including Myself, Dustin Skorupinski and Jared Jacobson. Dustin had an excellent round tonight (-13) which he apparently also shot in yesterdays league. Jared (-4) and I (-5)struggled a bit tonight with some ups and downs. In the other group were two Intermediate and two Recreational players. In Intermediate we saw Chad Niezgoda shoot the second best score on the night (-8). Then Kevin Connell ended up tying myself at (-5) to split the last of the funny money. Also in this group were two Recreational Division players: Troy Windorff (-4) who beat out the front runner in the division Dan Bertzyk (-2) to close the gap in the point totals for the division. The final week if Dan, Troy and Shaun all play . . . the division is anyone's game at this point.

As it stands . . . In Intermediate . . .Greg Klein, Myself, and Chad Niezgoda have a chance at the Intermediate crowd if we see normal Valley View attendance #'s. In Recreational . . . it is anyones game . . . Dan Bertzyk currently is in the lead, Shaun Kirchner is too far behind . .. and Troy Windorff looks to ride the momentum with another win next week to try to get into the top spot overall. It all depends on how they play and also how many other people show up to play.

Mike Harrington   September 3, 2013 at 9:34pm

Sorry Shaun . . . that was meant to say NOT too far behind!