Travelling Thursday Throwdown   August 29, 2013 at 7:53pm

TTT Takes on the VV

We head back to the course I like to wrap up all of my travelling leagues . . . 1 reason is there are restaurants around that can handle our small groups. The other reason is I am always hopeful to clear out the ace pool and Valley View is the best chance to do so. We have hit $51 for this league with no aces in 6 weeks. I expect one in the next 2 weeks at least.

Thanks to all who attended this league . .. it was a last minute decision to squeeze in a quick 8 week league before the glow season was upon us. I thoroughly enjoy Travelling leagues because they test everyones abilities on different courses. Some might be better at short technical courses like Valley View. Other people might be better suited the the challenges at Dretzka and Brown Deer. I like to see who is the best golfer across all of these courses.

Because attendance has been light . . . we might only be giving away a trophy in the Intermediate and Recreational divisions. I would love to build the attendance for this league to where we are again awarding 3 trophies, but I will continue to run this league regardless of if we add more people or not. I simply enjoy playing different courses too much.

See you before 6 PM at Valley View. I should be out there by about 2:00-2:30 today.