2013 CNYDGA Wednesday Night League   August 29, 2013 at 3:28pm

Wednesday Night League Week #20

A hot, and oppressively humid night was just what Dylan and Luscious Luciano Legend needed to destroy the competition. A 5 stroke margin of victory was impressive. Good to see Brad and Gilmore back, it's been a few weeks. Josh was wondering if it's possible to come in last 2 weeks in a row...I think you answered that yourself. Despite the poor level of play by me and my partner, it was still an enjoyable night. 29 showed and the top spots were:

Dylon Hot Fire/Legendary - 42 - 50$
Crowley the Denim Sniper/Cady Perry - 47 - 28$
K/Mac - 47 - 47 - 28$
Fly Boy/Zee - 48 - 18$
The original KC/Jason "the cooler" Laufer - 49 - 8$
Benjamin Button/G-Man - 49 - 8$
Meitus Touch/Bow Man - 49 - 8$

For real names and the full leaderboard, go here:

CTPs were;
A pool on hole 1 was Gary for 8$
B pool on hole 6 was Steve Z for 13$
C pool on hole 3 was Krusty Karl for 8$.

The ace pool is healing itself after Fran violated it multiple times over the last month...its at 29$.

Next week is at Clay...please call if you're going to show up after 5 so I can get your name down. We need to tee off by 5:20. Only 2 weeks left. Thanks for coming out.


Ryan Gilmore   August 30, 2013 at 3:24pm

Two weeks left and one point separating first and second! Talk about going down to the wire.

Greg Meitus   September 5, 2013 at 9:24am

So Hoop and I finally caught Billy. Now we can battle for 15th on the final night. Yippee!