Eric McCahill  › Belle Isle DGC   August 28, 2013 at 12:48am

East Side Ace Race Round Up!!

Currently, we are 199 players strong for the St. Clair Shores Ace Race on October 19th at Brys Park!!

If you don't see yourself on the list below, please use the TALK tab of the event to sign up (link below), including how many players might be joining you. Even if you're "probably" going to make it, that's good enough for right now, to get a feel for our turnout and to know how many player packs to order. Please note that Mark Ellis' skills clinic will start at 11am, so we're asking that players show up at 10am / 10:30 to not miss it!!

Sign up here:

Highlight Video:

Please also note: With around 200 players this year, I'm hoping that will be good enough for top 3 in the world. Thank you for making that happen!!!!

Be sure to friend us on Facebook too for prize info, contests and giveaways!!!

-Eric McCahill


Registration so far:

199 players are registered.

(BDGA) Amber Price
(BDGA) Jacob Ayers
Ashley, Ian
Bayer, Jeremy
Ben (UPS Guy) 1
Ben (UPS Guy) 2
Binienda, Jay PDGA 49030
Bird, Bernard
Bollinger, Crystal
Bradley, Kristin
Breier, Randy
Buckman, Matthew
Campbell, Kaylee
Carpus, Ed (2011 Winner)
Cetnarowski, William
Chandler, Dylan
Chmiel, Nick (Zeteter Disc Golf)
Ciolan, David (Don't sell my player pack again!!) 1
Ciolan, David (Don't sell my player pack again!!) 2
Cody (CFPC)
Coldicott, Dan
Coldicott, Dave
Cook, Michael PDGA 57858
Cooke, Nick PDGA 46576
Crowley, Dan
Di Mambro, Mark
Dobreff, Jenny
Dobreff, Xander
Doelker, Rich 1
Doelker, Rich 2
Doelker, Rich 3
Doelker, Rich 4
Doelker, Rich 5
Doelker, Rich 6
Doelker, Rich 7
Doelker, Rich 8
Doherty, Tim 1
Doherty, Tim 2
Duffey, Dylan
Duffey, Neil [Quaaaack!!! (with a real duck call)] (Duff-Dyed Custom Golf Discs)
Egnatoski, Kevin "Eggy" PDGA 49625
Ellis, Mark (Team Discraft • Clinic at 11AM!!)
Eric Whitt 1
Eric Whitt 2
Eurick, Nathan
Fici, Tony
Fleming, Allen
Flynn, Rory
Fradeneck, Kevin 1
Fradeneck, Kevin 2
Fradeneck, Kevin 3
Fradeneck, Kevin 4
Fradeneck, Kevin 5
Fradeneck, Ryan
Gammon, Bryce
Gardner, Mike 1
Gardner, Mike 2
Gardner, Mike 3
Gibbs, Britany
Goodell, Chris PDGA 60918
Grundy, Mike
H, Jeremy
Hallman, Chris
Helberg, Timothy 1
Helberg, Timothy 2
Helberg, Timothy 3
Hirschfield, Michael (Hersh)
Huber, Kevin
Hudson, Shane
Iannarelli, Tony
Ikerd, Jeremy
Javorski, Dave
Johnson, Alex
Jolin, Jonah
Keil, Adam
Kilbourne, Shawn 1
Kilbourne, Shawn 2
Koebbe, Lawrence (Quaaacccckkkk...)
Kopchak, Mike
Kowalewski, Bart
Krembs, Thomas
Kroslak, George
Kruszewski, Justin
Lawrence, Tim
Leone, Anthony
Leslie, Michael 1
Leslie, Michael 2
Leslie, Michael 3
Lucido, Michael
Lukasiewicz, Chad
MacPhee, Justin 1
MacPhee, Justin 2
MacPhee, Justin 3
MacPhee, Justin 4
MacPhee, Justin 5
Manidok, Erik (2012 Winner)
Marcel 1
Marcel 2
Marcel 3
Mast, John 1
Mast, John 2
Mast, John 3
Mattina, Joe 1
Mattina, Joe 2
Mattina, Joe 3
Mattina, Joe 4
McCahill, Dan
McCahill, Dave
McCahill, Eric - TD
McCahill, Jon
McClenahan, John (AKA Johnny Mac AKA Johnny Rocket AKA Big J) PDGA 56633
McLaughlin, Bob 1
McLaughlin, Bob 2
McLaughlin, Bob 3
McLaughlin, Bob 4
McLaughlin, Bob 5
McLaughlin, Bob 6
McLellan, Scott
McSwain, Brent 1
McSwain, Brent 2
McSwain, Brent 3
McSwain, Brent 4
Mellas, Jamie
Mitter, Ryan (BOOM Apparel)
Moffett, Aaron
Morgan, Tommy 1 (Free, FB Contest Winner)
Morgan, Tommy 2
Morgan, Tommy 3
Morgan, Tommy 4
Mosier, Jamie
Mowen, Jason
Myers, Jeremy 1
Myers, Jeremy 2
Myers, Jeremy 3
Myles, Ray Man 1
Myles, Ray Man 2
Nailor, Josh
Nelson, Matt 1
Nelson, Matt 2
Nordstrom, Zach 1
Nordstrom, Zach 2
Novitsky, Lydia PDGA 59674
Nowicki, Chene 1
Nowicki, Chene 2
Nowicki, Chene 3
Ostrowski, Big Mike
Owen, Ian
Parden, Kaine 1
Parden, Kaine 2
Paul Ruszanuk
Perry, Phil
Pickard, Josh PDGA 49386
Poole, Bill (Quack Pack CTP Qualifier)
Powers, Brad 1
Powers, Brad 2
Powers, Brad 3
Reaume, David
Redmond, Brandon "RedRum"
Riberas, Jason PDGA 57846
Rumohr, Ryan
Runge-Studaker, Tricia
Rychardson, Nick (Quack! Quack!)
Salamone, Anthony
Schembri, Tonio
Shaffer, Rob (24 Chains)
Sherwood, Ray (Sherwood Brewing Co.)
Slaven, Tony
Stilwell, Steve-Oh
Stoebling, Ted (Zeteter Disc Golf, 2012 USADGC Champion) PDGA 36486
Strickland, Cody
Studaker, Douglas
Szarek, Joe
Thorngate, Ryan
Timm, Josh 1
Timm, Josh 2
Timm, Josh 3
Timm, Josh 4
Underwood, Duncan
Vagts, Steve (Moose)
Verville, Ricky
Vorpagel, Jon (Probably our first thumber ace, somebody get it on film please. And quack, quack, quack!)
Walker, Mike
Wallace, Sam
Williams, Kyle 1
Williams, Kyle 2
Williams, Kyle 3
Williams, Kyle 4
Worden, John C. 1
Worden, John C. 2
Worden, John C. 3
Worden, John C. 4
Zaziski, Chuck 1
Zaziski, Chuck 2
Zaziski, Chuck 3
Zaziski, Chuck 4
Zaziski, Chuck 5
Zaziski, Chuck 6
Zaziski, Chuck 7
Zaziski, Chuck 8