2013 CNYDGA Wednesday Night League   August 22, 2013 at 3:25pm

Wednesday League Week #19

Another exciting night for sure. Jeremy brought out Josh Hess for his first time...and came in dead last with Westy. Nate Smith continued to reign terror over the CTP. Luciano almost got 10 aces. Last but not least Fran Daher cashed, won his CTP and Aced again. He just aced at JVB a month ago and has taken home 329$ worth of ace money. IRS has been notified. 30 showed and the top spots were:

McCabe/West - 44 - 52$
Crowley/Cady - 45 - 32$
Basilio/Carney - 47 - 24$
KC/Fran - 48 - 18$
NateS/Barret - 49 - 14$

A pool was Ben on hole 5 for 8$.
B pool was Nate on hole 10 for 14$.
C pool was Fran on hole 1 for 8$.

Fran Aced 15 for 114$. Ace pool has been depleted.

Daylight's fading, so we'll try to start a few minutes earlier next week. Thanks for coming out. Only 3 weeks to go...one at Oxbow and finish up with 2 weeks at Clay.