Travelling Thursday Throwdown   August 19, 2013 at 10:00pm

Can I get a Root Root? Yes I just said that.

I have been watching the scores at Root River Parkway of the Doubles league that plays here on Wednesdays as well as the Singles league that plays here on Mondays. The best Doubles round has been done by multiple partners. Brad Weber and Scott Slauson, Brad Weber and Zac Cobus, Joel Kamoske and ????, Myself and Todd Farnham . . . have all shot (-13). I am sure everyone of these people could agree . . . there was one hole they missed they felt like they should have gotten.

In Singles I have seen a few (-7) shot by Terry Miller and Todd Farnham but I am unsure if mulligans are used in that league. Have you heard of a better score than that at Root River?

Well this week we saw two newcomers Brent Krueger and Kevin Connell (who also plays in the Singles league from time to time) show up and play Open. Brent shot a (-1) to take the cash.

In Intermediate we had the usual crowd. Greg Klein had a really solid round (-4) to win the division on the night. I had an up and down night and ended up with a (-1). Pat Brah shot (Even) and ended up with the last of the funny money.

In Recreational we had only one player and Shaun Kirchner shot a (+4) to take down the funny money.

In the Womens division Cassandra Brah shot a (+19) and I hope we can find some competition for her on a regular basis.

One more week of Root River then on to the finale at Valley View for 2 weeks. Daylight will be of concern this coming week so we will have to stick to a very strict start time of 6:00 PM. If you are late . . . you will have to join a group in progress and finish the holes in the dark.