2013 CNYDGA Wednesday Night League   August 15, 2013 at 3:06pm

Wednesday League Week #18

A little cool and a little breezy, but otherwise a great night for golf. The Daher brothers made it out again, EMac happened to be in town and even the Newmans made their first public golf league appearance...Some pretty big headlines. Fly boy O'Malley and Chainsaw Spencer took the gold handedly. Be sure to check out the leaderboards on DG Scene, a lot of movement. Finally Billy is out of the top 10 so I can save a stamp by not having to send him series points money. 26 showed and the top spots were:

Caron/O'Malley - 46 - 50$
Nate/Westy - 48 - 20$
EMac/K.Bauer - 48 - 20$
Dylon/J.Daher - 48 - 20$
Basilio/Carney - 48 - 20$

The full leaderboard is at:

CTPs were:
A pool was Jarad on hole 6 for 8$.
B pool was Nate on hole 1 for 10$.
C pool was *D* on hole 10 for 8$.

Ace pool is at 84$.

Same time, same place next week. Thanks for coming out. Don't forget Luciano's organized play on Mondays at Oxbow at 5:30.