Pelham Tags 2013 - Sundays/Tuesdays   August 11, 2013 at 10:35am

Glow round Saturday 24th

Hey fellow chuckers,
I'm organizing a glow round for the 24th. Planning on a CTP pot on hole 17 or 11. Thinking of an ace buy-in to win a couple of special discs - Innova Christmas disc (thanks Marty) and one other donated disc. Money from the ace pot will go to the course improvement fund and half to the fund from CTP. It would be $2 for CTP and $3 for ace, but no need to buy-in if you just want to come and throw some glowing discs into the woods instead! Will be looking for a few hands to help get the course glowing, so let me know if you can help out. Hope to see you all out there dodging bats and heaving your favorite glowing discs deep into the woods!