Jeremy Boyd  › Skinny Raven Disc Golf Classic   August 10, 2013 at 1:04pm

Below you will find preliminary tee times for those who have pre-registered. As we are allowing morning of registration, please be aware that your tee time may shift to accommodate added entrants.

8:30 AM : MA2 James Geffe, Sev Kibby, Josh Stewart
8:40 AM : MA2 Wayne Danjin, Jordan Thies, Ken Butler
8:50 AM : MA1 Andrew Rodgers, Brad Larson, Thad Murgatroyd, Mike Miles
9:00 AM : MA1 Shawn Graham, Will Harrison, Jake Haskin, Loren Benedict
9:10 AM : MA1 Danny Trubiano, Rod Stepp, Brian Cassidy, John Thein
9:20 AM : MA1 Brian Gutzwiller, Louie Orozco, Adam Klein
9:30 AM : FA2 Kelsey General, Shay Stewart, Toni Osiecki, Karen Stafford-Brown
9:40 AM : MPO Chris Harrington, Mike Guilliame, Russell Janeway, Joe Schacht
9:50 AM : MPO Andy Severson, Dale Williams, James Gough, Jeremy Boyd