Murder Mitten DGC   July 20, 2013 at 10:27pm

What's on the Menu

With the Money that we raised from fundraising, as most players know, we have put in double chains on the baskets at Seymour Lake Park.
Seymour's up and coming projects that we have in the hopper are...
- Welcome Sign with a Posting Board and Donation Box (near the picnic table by the volleyball courts)
- Tee-pad Signs with a simple hole layout and footages
- Expand and Move Hole 1's Tee-pad back by the tree
- Install Benches and garbage cans at all the tee-pads.

If any one has access to metal 55-gallon drums in good condition to donate to the park to help keep the litter off the course, Please Contact Miles Lawrence, Keith Tasker, or myself.