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Miles Lawrence   June 2 at 8:47pm

Sunday Doubles

On 6/7 we will be returning to our normal running of things, minus a few things, so you will be able to show up and pay like normal. No more need for online registration anymore. We will still accept digital payment if you want and we can still do pay outs digitally. CTP will also go back to normal and be $3 for a cash and merch hole. I also will ask that people keep their distance and avoid making large groups before and after the round. We dont need large crowds hanging out in the parking lot. If you have any questions please ask them below.


Miles Lawrence   April 30 at 3:34pm

State Tags

MMDGC State Tags will resume on May 16th
a. Rounds played by groups of 5 or more will not be verified on disc golf scene.
b. Even if 8 people want to play for tags that day and time than they must split up and only a group of 4 will compete against one another and swap tags with each other.


Miles Lawrence   April 30 at 3:32pm

Sunday Doubles

Seymour Sunday doubles are to start on May 17th
a. Registration will be done online through disc golf scene. Post in the comment section of the league your name, side bet options, the way you paid (paypal or venmo), and the email address connected to your payment.
b. Registration will take place from 8am to 1:30pm on Sunday. You must have your registration done by 1:30pm if you want to play. NO EXCUSES.
c. The CTP side bet, normally $3 for cash and merch, will be $2 for cash only and be on h ... more