Alaska Disc Golf Association   July 12, 2013 at 6:25am

2014 PDGA United States Amateur Championship

The Alaska State Disc Golf Championships tournament has been chosen to be a qualifier for the
2014 PDGA United States Amateur Championship presented by Discraft.
Every player who competes in the MA1 (Men’s Advanced) division is eligible to qualify. In a PDGA B Tier the top 15% or in a PDGA A Tier the top 20% (not including ties, rounded up) of players in the MA1 will receive an invitation. As an example, for 20%, if there are 46 players in the MA1 field at your event the top 10 will receive in invitation (46 * .20 = 9.2, rounded up = 10). If there is a 4 way tie for tenth, then ALL of those players will qualify. NOTE: If a player has already qualified it does not matter. He is used as a spoiler and his final position counts as one of the qualifiers in your event. We will keep a list of all qualified players at .