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Jeremy Boyd   1 day ago

New basket locations at Davis Park

Yesterday we moved 5 of the 6 baskets that currently have multiple pin locations. 3 is now shorter and on the right, 4 is straight and shorter, 6 is left and longer, 7 is now straight, and 8 is left and shorter. The tees are clear and the course has been playing well. If you've played here already I would recommend checking out this alternate layout, it gives some different looks/lines to throw. Enjoy!

Adam Klein   18 hours ago

Ty for posting Jeremy

Joseph Caissie   11 hours ago

Like the new layout! Got my first 3 on hole 3 (long or short) today after only 10 tries.

Jeremy Boyd   November 7 at 10:54pm

Wednesday Night Lights 2018-2019 begins 11/14

Hello all, Chad Rutledge has agreed to take on WNL this season along with help from myself. My light order hasn't arrived just yet so we'll kick things off next week at Westchester. I will however run a glow cash doubles this evening at Davis Park. I only have around 10 packs of lights available at the moment, at $4 for a pack of two lights. We will play the red tees twice this evening as the blues are probably a bit much for glow. I'd like to kick things off at 6:30, so I� ... more

Jonas M   November 7 at 11:06pm

I would love to play tonight but don't want to drive from Girdwood if there is not a handful of people interested please reply to this and I willl check it to see who is playing

Joe Schacht   November 8 at 12:42am

Am I worth the drive Jonas? See you there pimp

Adam Klein   October 19 at 7:49pm

Davis Park Update

Baskets at Davis Park are in!!!! There are no signs in yet, and I will be updating the layout on the UDisc app tonight. There is still plenty of work to be done, but it is playable. Volunteer work party tomorrow Sat. from 10-2 then 2 rounds blind draw at 3 p.m. and a glow round at 7 p.m.

There are still several problematic trees on a few holes. We will be fine tuning the course over time, so please have patience as we watch how the course is being played and breaking in. So, I ho ... more

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Joseph Caissie   November 5 at 5:09am

Just played it for the first time today--sorry I couldn't help with setting it up, but it's a very good course. Thanks guys!

Gabe Kutcher   November 5 at 1:57pm

Someone has driven thru the course, sports fields and damaged one of the sign post, cut wood and logs are missing

Jeremy Boyd   November 5 at 3:32pm

I noticed this last week and let Adam know. I am not entirely sure how they drove in.