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Adam Klein   6 days ago

Feb. 4, 2019 Membership Meeting

Hello all,

It's that time to plan our next year. There will be a membership meeting Feb. 4th at 7 pm at the Hilltop Chalet. A few of the things we will be discussing are schedule, States, elections, course work. I will put up a more formal agenda shortly.


Pat Miller   6 days ago

Thanks for posting Adam. Please post the call in number for the out of towners when you have it.

Jeremy Boyd   December 1 at 12:47am

7.0 Earthquake

I hope everyone and their families are OK after this morning's devastating earthquake. Having lived in Alaska almost all my life I can say that was the most intense seismic event I've ever witnessed. I was working at Costco at the time and the steel was swaying a good two feet at the tops of the aisles. Pretty scary. Everyone please try to stay safe as we recover over the coming days. Life will hopefully return to normal fairly soon.

Pat Miller   December 1 at 6:58am

That was quite a shake, even down here. You're the best Boydo!

Tom Voight   December 1 at 10:27pm

Agreed. Good man Boyd, see you on the links. Everyone stay safe.

Jeremy Boyd   November 18 at 3:47pm

New basket locations at Davis Park

Yesterday we moved 5 of the 6 baskets that currently have multiple pin locations. 3 is now shorter and on the right, 4 is straight and shorter, 6 is left and longer, 7 is now straight, and 8 is left and shorter. The tees are clear and the course has been playing well. If you've played here already I would recommend checking out this alternate layout, it gives some different looks/lines to throw. Enjoy!

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Jeremy Boyd   November 19 at 9:35pm

Glad to hear Joe, nice chatting with you yesterday. 3 and 6 will get better I promise. : )

Robin White   November 21 at 6:30am

love the new layout, played 18 today and is was good to me. teepads need markers, but they were easy to find and were clear of snow and ice

Jeremy Boyd   November 21 at 3:14pm

You're welcome for the clear pads ; ). The course is not fully completed, signage and additional tree removal will occur next year.