2013 CNYDGA Wednesday Night League   July 11, 2013 at 3:19pm

Wednesday League Week #13

Things started out a little hectic when we realized that 4 baskets were still out of the ground from the balloon and jazz fest. We scrambled together and got 3 back in the ground and Jason G had a practice basket in his car that we were able to use for the 4th. For a while it looked like it was going to be a short round (not Indiana Jones' li'l friend). Tammy from B'lo and Tait Kowalski were the newest additions. No playoffs for places this week, but the B pool CTP was so close that we did an extra throw for O'Malley and Gallagher with Gallagher taking it. 31 people showed and the top spots were:

Basilio/Gilmore - 43 - 54$
KC/Cady - 44 - 34$
Crowley/Beishline - 46 - 26$
Dylan/Tammy - 47 - 14$
Good Twin/G-Man - 47 - 14$
Gallagher/X-man - 10$

CTPs were:
A pool was KC on hole 8 for 10$.
B pool was tied by O'Malley and Gallagher on hole 15 and settled with an extra shot on 1. Gallagher took it for 11$.
C pool was Laufer on hole 1 for 10$.

Ace pool is up to 193$+.

It ended up being a great night. Thanks for coming out. Same place, same time next week. Good luck to those shooting in the Clay Classic.