Team Stony   July 1, 2013 at 1:17am

Bill Themm and Scott Ransley Win The 2013 Addison Stony Open

Day two results:

In the open, Bill took it on home with a -5 at Stony. finishing at -14 and winning $220 for the weekend! Critter also won a $25 CTP plus two first run Slayers. Nice shooting!

In the Masters Scott Ransley held on for a one stroke lead and took home $100. Nice job Scott!

Nathan Kretz won the $55 for his ace at Addy on hole #19. Boom!

Thanks for coming out and Thanks Bill from BDT's in Utica for $100 in cash, water both days and camera man too. Thanks a million Bill! Please visit his store in downtown Utica.

I hope you guys enjoyed it! See you in August for the Team Stony Open!