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Stony Creek Metropark
Shelby Township, MI
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Utica, MI

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Jeff Bauman   July 16 at 1:58pm

Art Needed


Jeff Bauman   June 27 at 12:53pm

Work Day Sunday

The courses look great but could use some trimming and some tlc from some of the ppl who play there regularly.

The front office is totally down and said we are good to go they just need to know how many ppl to expect. Who wants in?

Sunday at 8:00 till 12:00

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Shaun Adkins   June 27 at 4:16pm

Doubt it

Jeff Bauman   June 27 at 7:28pm


Michael McGinnis   June 28 at 3:22pm

Pshh a pruning saw is basically a chain saw in these hands

Jeff Bauman   May 24 at 7:42pm

The Grass at Stony

I talked to Stony about the grass cutting situation and they told me that the fairways will be cut wider for us this year!!!

We are setting up a volunteer day to do some trimming on the courses. They want to send a crew out with us to clean up whatever trimming we decide to do. So keep an eye out for areas that need attention and areas where you lose your discs and let me know. You can comment your ideas here on this board.

Stay tuned for the work day coming up.

Brad Brinker   May 25 at 1:46am

Thanks team stoney!. Some area i can think of is rhbh hyzer landing area on 8 green if hyzers to much, and maybe a similar idea for hole 10 blue.