2013 CNYDGA Wednesday Night League   June 27, 2013 at 11:34am

Wednesday League Week #11

BASILIO WINS BIG…What a night…finally the ace pool has been tapped! Ben went live and pured 7 for a 300$ payday, oh, and it was also his CTP hole, and he was in the cash. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy! In other news, Billy lost in a playoff again for 1st. Thank Spencer and Tony D for that. Good to see Kevin Duchano out since the birth of his baby. This week I was able to get some people down in B pool, just be sure to check those cards so you know what pool you're in.

32 showed and the top spots were:
Caron/Tony D - 45 - 54$
Billy/Duchano - 45 - 34$
Kilbury/Westy - 47 - 26$
Crowley/Bowman - 48 - 12$
Dylan/'Doah - 48 - 12$
Hooper/Newman - 48 - 12$
Basilio/West - 48 - 12$

A pool on hole 7 was Ben with an ace for 10$.
B pool on hole 1 was *D*, she had the first toss on the hole and it stood up all night for 12$!
C pool was Lucious Luciano Legend, who got 10$ to go towards the maintenance of his dreadlocks.

In case you got this far without reading the first sentence, Ben nailed 7 for the first ace of the year. With $434 in the pool before the night started, Ben took 300$ and there's 134$ remaining.

Please spread the word that we are at Oxbow again next week due to Jazzfest at Jamesville. Same place same time.

Thanks for coming out.