2nd Round Saturday Vienna Dubs   June 23, 2013 at 3:47pm

Washed out! Wicked storms hit right after tee off.

First off, thank you all for braving the weather and trying to play the round. With the torrential sideways downpours, 60 mph winds and trees braking and falling all around us, made it a little hard to play golf. After the field of 27 players all took shelter and were soaked to the bone, the round had to be cancelled and everyone's entry fee returned. Those of us who stuck in there (only 12) and waited out the storms finally did get to play some golf. Teeing off shortly after seven o'clock, and nearly finishing in the dark around nine. I also want to thank Lisa Hartman for offering her leagues ace pool a cool $240. What a day, thank you all for coming out and playing with us.