2013 CNYDGA Wednesday Night League   June 20, 2013 at 3:21pm

Wednesday League Week #10

Another perfect night...cool, sunny and bug free. A few new guys and a few was haven't seen in a while made it out. Zach Lane, Damion, King James, Pat Cady and Tucker Middleton made the trek. Sorry Tucker for getting teamed up with Karl. There was a 2 way tie for first with Crowley/Gilmore and Sivils/'Doah shooting hot 45's. We started a sudden death playoff starting from the practice area up to #1. Gary put it 25' out and nailed the deuce....Billy put it within 20' and the basket rejected his"perfect" put. Good thing there were no children around. Time are changing though, Billy only ranted for less than 10 minutes, then accepted he lost. 42 showed again and the top spots were:

Crowley/Gilmore - 45 - 60$
Billy/'Doah - 45 - 38$
Meitus (finally warming up)/Bargabos - 46 - 32$
KC/Guerdon - 48 - 24$
A Faes/Dylan - 49 - 18$
Good Twin/Damion - 18$
Basilio/Laufer - 10$
Luscious/Hooper - 10$

A pool on hole #17 was the Good Twin Don Courbat for 12$.
B pool on hole #15 was Dylan for 18$.
C pool on hole #13 was Cady for 12$.

Ace pool is up to 402$. If it gets to 500$ I'll start putting some birdie bounty holes out there for 50$ a team or something. It will be announced ahead of time so everyone is aware. No one person deserves that much cash for 1 throw!

Currently Crowley is in firm command of the points...however with 42 people showing up each night, he better not miss one. Ben is 30 points out, but within striking distance.

Congrats to Jason Shenendoah on his baby and Jarad and Lara for their upcoming nuptials this weekend. Exciting times for sure.

We have 2 more weeks at Oxbow, then off to J-ville. The first Wednesday in July will also be at Oxbow due to an event at J-Ville beach.

See you all next week.