2013 CNYDGA Wednesday Night League   June 6, 2013 at 3:02pm

Wednesday League Week #8

Great turnout again last night. Pam and Reena made it back out....Josh Catron made the burn down from Carthage...and, Kilbury, on his first night this year even brought his own partner. It was a nice cool, bug free evening at Oxbow. 37 showed and the top spots were:

Widden / Bargabos - 45 - 58$
E-Mac / Bowman - 46 - 32$
Sivils / L. West - 46 - 32$
Kilbury / X-man - 47 - 20$
Basilio / Pam - 48 - 18$
Crowley / Reena - 49 - 12$
Z / Catron - 49 - 12$

A pool on hole 6 was KC for 12$.
B pool on hole 10 was Sean Gallagher for 13$.
C pool on hole 1 was the mythical Todd Beishline for 12$. Todd also aced 15 at Oxbow on Tuesday.

Thanks again for coming out. Thanks for the calls from those that were running late. Thanks to D, Todd and Eric for cleaning up the the course on Tuesday. I was expecting a war zone, but the course looked great. Thanks to Brad for bringing the cooler of beer, I hear he's doing that every week. Thanks to Karl and D for helping out at the end with the money.

Same time same place next week. Oh yeah, the ace pool is at $318, don't spread the word.

Don't forget to swing by Heritage Park in North Syracuse around 10am on Saturday for their grand opening. It'll help us all by having a good turnout at events like these. Support gets courses.