2013 CNYDGA Wednesday Night League   May 30, 2013 at 3:54pm

Wednesday League Week #7

Started out a little dicey with what looked like a tornado touching down right before we started, but like some kind of disc golf Moses I raised up my iPad and the skies parted with t-storms both north and south of the park...not a drop of rain and blue skies and sunshine were what we had to deal with. Thanks for the patience using my new system. I think it saved a lot of time and hassle. It is truly randomized teams. Two new playes showed up, Zach Tiner and Richie Peryea of the Faes clan. Hopefully you had a good time. Doug C's hanging basked was in effect, so par was 57.

32 players showed and the top spots were:
~D~/Crowley - 52 - 54$
Dylan/John Buck - 53 - 30$
Guerdon/Billy "the rule i want enforced this week is yield to the team on a higher hole" Sivils - 53 - 30$
Salisbury/Osborn - 54 - 20$
Evil/Hoop Sr. - 54 - 20$
Westy/Bateman - 54 - 20$

All CTPs were on the hanging basket.
A pool was Jeff Assmussen....again - 10$
B pool was Doug Courbat, fitting since it was his basket - 12$
C pool was ~D~ for 10$...showing up the boys....nice.

Ace pool is up to 281$ !!!!!!

Thanks all for coming out. You should know by now that even a 100% chance of rain means it won't rain while we're shooting. Thanks to Doug Courbat for hanging the basket. Thanks to Brad Bowman for fixing the table on 14. Thanks to Billy for patiently teaching his fellow golfer the rules of etiquette.

Next week we're headed to Oxbow. Call me at 315-415-3660 or have your money in by 5:20. We'll draw teams at 5:30.

See you Robbie T's!