Thursday Evening Night Moose   May 25, 2013 at 2:26pm

Double Points at Moose Meadows!!!!

You read it right. This upcoming Thursday we are a Highlighted League of the Week in the DGLA Michigan Cooperative Points Series. So that could only mean one thing.....double points!!! The course is in great shape and we will be playing a minimum of 20 holes(10 holes 2x). The buy in will be $10 all in that will include $2 for ace pool, $3 to CTP's. We will have a 50% and a 100% CTP and also a prize CTP. If you need directions to the course please contact someone who has played here before or send me a message and I would be more then happy to get you directions to the course. I look forward to seeing everyone this coming Thursday at Moose Meadows and it should be a fun time as usual. See you on the course.