2013 CNYDGA Wednesday Night League   May 23, 2013 at 3:51pm

Wednesday League Week #6

The DG Gods won out and kept the T-storms away all night. It's funny how many times we've gotten great weather with an 80% chance of storms. No new players last night, but still had 39 show up. A great turnout for sure. Top spots were:

E-Mac/Gallagher - 48 - 60$
Right Handed Billy/G-Man - 49 - 38$
Westy/Nick D. - 51 - 30$
Carryon/Jordan H. - 51 - 30$
Good Twin/Elias - 52 - 12$
Rees/Gilmore - 52 - 12$
Hoop Sr./Evil Twin - 12$
A.Faes/Salisbury - 12$

CTPs were;
A pool - Jeff A. - 12$ on hole 11.
B pool - Salisbury - 15$ on hole 14
C pool - Elias - 12$ on hole 10.

Ace pool is up to 249$.

Thanks all for coming out and your patience at payout time. Not so cut and dry with all the teams we've had. Good luck E-mac with your upcoming tourneys, while you're gone it looks like we'll have to give all our money to Billy now that he's a righty again.

Please remember to show up on time (5:20) or call me at 315-415-3660 if you're running late. It's no problem for me to put a mini in for someone who's going to be a few minutes late and I always have my phone nearby from about 4:45 on. Anyone showing up after teams are pulled won't make it. Sorry about last night, now it should be clear. I'll get you an Arnold Palmer Hard next time I see you Nick.