Steve Moore  › The Canyon Cup: 100 Hole-Marathon New Layout! (FUNdraiser)   May 12, 2013 at 4:01am

A great big thanks out to Rick for putting it together, and the 5 others that joined me in finishing all 100 holes today. 3 aces today to break the course in with it's first aces. Ira got first, I got the 2, and Rick hit a big one for the 3rd ace of the day. Had some other players today join us for part of the day, but only 6 final survivors of the full 100. Lots of goodies and prizes for those that made it, everyone else hope to see next time, you missed out on wonderful day of disc on what will become a very fine course as we get it finished up over next year. Good now soon to be great place. Thanks again to those that made my birthday special.