2013 CNYDGA Wednesday Night League   May 2, 2013 at 3:29pm

Week #3

What a turnout. A perfect day turned out a record crowd. 48 people came out for Wednesday league! With all the mayhem I may not have gotten all the new folks names correctly, so please correct me if I'm wrong. Francis (didn't get last name), John Buckley, Pam Murray, Reena Rowland, Dave Hartmann, Damion McDonald and Evan Willams all made it out for the first time. It was good to have Steve Ball and Sean Gallagher back as well. Audra has done pretty well for herself...2 times out with 2 W's! Nice shooting by Karl and Dylon as well. When there's a B/B team in the top 3, it tells me the system is working. We also had a 7 way tie for the last money position. It was getting late, so instead of any kind of throw off, everyone got enough money for half a gallon of gas.

With 24 teams, the top spots were:
E-Mac/Audra - 49 - 64$
KC/Fran - 51 - 38$
KBau/Dylon - 51 - 38$
Salisbury/Westy - 54 - 20$
Peters/*D* - 54 - 20$
Chris Bieber/McQuaid - 54 - 20$
DBau/John Buck - 55 - 4$
Crowley/Hartmann - 55 - 4$
Meitus/Hoop Jr. - 55 - 4$
Basilio/Steve Ball - 55 - 4$
G-Man/N.Faes - 55 - 4$
Papa Faes/Nicky D - 55 - 4$
Good Twin/Reena - 55 - 4$

A pool on hole #4 was Evan Willams for 15$
B pool on hole #5 was Hoop Sr. for 18$
C pool on hole #10 was Laufer for 15$

Ace pool is up to 139$.

Thanks for everyone's patience. With that many people with varying skill level there's always going to be people that I'd like to put in C pool moving to B, as well as B moving to A. People could always be shuffled around, but it's only moving the problem to another pool. We do the best we can with a new roster each week. Hopefully everyone understands this. Thanks Chris Sweet for helping with the cards and cash. We would have been there until 9 if I was doing it on my own.

Hopefully everyone had a good time. Same time, same place next week.