DGLA: Michigan Cooperative Point Series - Summer 2013   April 13, 2013 at 3:20am

DGLA MiCPS-Summer Highlighted Leagues of the Week

Ok we have started to schedule the Highlighted Leagues of the Week (HLW), which will begin in May and run through the end of the MiCPS July 27th.

I have sent messages to all the participating League Admin to see if they have preferences on dates. These could be just regular league rounds but with double points or sometimes league do a little something special or pick a date when there is something else going on near by. Check out the league page as the date get's close and get out and play as many of our great courses, experience all the different formats and different things each league does and enjoy playing with some of the greatest players in the world. And get yeah some Double Points ;-)

We have 24 leagues currently and I expect that to grow until the cut off May 15th.

We have leagues on every day of the week someplace in the state - That is AWESOME!!!!

3 Sunday
3 Monday
5 Tuesday
2 Wednesday
2 Thursday
1 Friday
6 Saturday

I will post a text list soon with those that are known so you can plan your rounds.

You can also tell by looking at the MiCPS schedule:

Look for "Double Points!" on the right side of the schedule and the league highlighted in light green.


May 18, 2013 12:00pm 12:00 Saturday Dubs Summer 2013
Willow Metropark Double points!
(OK imagine the light green highlight or check out the schedule)

We will also send out a "short" summary the week before to help highlight the league and any info on what is in store during that HLW round.

Besides double points there is one Berth up for grabs for the DGLA Player member who plays the most HLWs during the season, who does not already have a berth. Are you a Player?

The Discraft Michigan State Championships in Ludington Sat-Sun, August 31-1, 2013 - Thanks to the MDGO

Register with the Disc Golf League Association for FREE or become a Player level member for $30 before May 15th and enjoy the season even more while helping to grow this great sport.

Enjoy the rounds!