2013 Wednesday Weeklies - Spring Session - New Berlin, WI   April 3, 2013 at 8:40pm

Sweet Action on the First Night of League!

Hello and welcome everyone to the main league page for the Wednesday Weeklies. The first week is in the books and here are a few highlights.

Let's start with the aces! Yeah, ACES. Robin Lee had never aced prior to showing up on Wednesday and sure enough he aced hole 16. Too bad it was only during his practice round, right? Well, that didn't matter because he then doubled his career ace count by scoring a "1" on hole 9 during the round! Congrats Robin who took the $32 ace pool with him as he pulled out of the parking lot!

The divisions are going to see a little shaking out here and there over the first few weeks. Some players played significantly above their normal averages which is great to see. However, if those hot scores remain consistent, they might get bumped up a division. Yeah, I'm talking about the top 3 or so guys in semi-pro and maybe even Ryan in Advanced :) On the flip side, we saw some less than normal scores out of some top performers in Open and a -9 looked to be the hot score there. I would put money on it that -9 will not be the winning score in Open anytime after the first week!

Awesome to see 2 new women out competing this week and we hope to see even more as the season rolls on.

We'll see everyone tonight as week 2 is comin' at ya!