DGLA: Michigan Cooperative Point Series - Winter 2012/13   April 2, 2013 at 7:50pm

DGLA MiCPS-Winter 2013 Season Awards

Ok the Winter season has wrapped up and so Mother Nature please help us out - The Summer league has started and we would welcome some great spring weather....

So we have some congratulations/accolades to pass along as well as some awards for the DGLA Player members.

First a big thanks for all who participated, who played leagues throughout Michigan during the Winter season and help grow this great sport, contributed to their club and local, and not so local, leagues and those who helped improve the wonderful courses we have throughout our great Disc Golf state. And also to all the Club and league coordinators who make getting out and playing/competing with new and old friends so much fun week after week – THANKS!!!

Many battled the Michigan conditions, actually 475 players, 3,687 rounds and a total of 64,209 points awarded. In the end, with the final posted rounds tallied, here are the top 20 players of the 475 for Winter leagues. Congrats for all your hard work and well played rounds!

Sam smith our last year Winter Champion wrapped up this year again at the top of the overall leaderboard in third place with 792 points overall. Jason Kirkaldy playing many leagues and running Flip Side Doubles managed to accumulate 903 points in 47 rounds. Not to be out done, with the same 47 rounds Dale "Llama" Wrobel amassed an amazing 1001 points to take the top spot on the overall leaderboard to be crowned the 2013 Michigan Winter Disc Golf League Champion - Congrats Dale

Player Points Rounds
1 Dale "Llama" Wrobel 1,001 47
2 Jason Kirkaldy 903 47
3 samuel smith 792 48
4 Daemon Stahlin 790 35
5 Ben Calhoun 787 33
6 Ben Ciccarelli 774 41
7 jon kind 754 46
8 George Beno 753 34
9 Kurt Umbarger 722 35
10 Jim Daniels 710 31
11 Mike Stratford 694 46
12 Jerry "Chilly" Chilson 689 38
13 Craig Przytulski 663 32
14 Jimmy Bates 634 27
15 Scott Sprow 630 30
16 Jay B 629 26
18 Jamie Mosier 611 30
19 Ron Howard 605 32
20 Gabe Cadorin 588 41

OK - Show me the Money! and the Berths!

For the DGLA Player level members who paid in, got a player package, contributed to the Michigan Course Improvement grant fund and funded the DGLA MiCPS-W award fund we have some booty to award you:

2013 Discraft Michigan State Championships Berths & Payout Award$

Discraft Michigan State Championships berths:
Three (3) berths are awarded for the Winter season: Top (2) players and (1) Top Female by points on the DGLA Player Leaderboard that have not already been awarded a berth.

Berth Winners:

Confirmed berth awards:
1 Dale "Llama" Wrobel 1,001 47
2 Jason Kirkaldy 903 47

Yet to be confirmed and if not awarded it will be used for the Summer season as an additional berth for top women player:
20 Lisa Hartman 317 30

Congratulations Dale, Jason and Lisa. I have your MDGO Berth packages - Super Color commemorative Buzz & Mini, Discraft hat & water bottle, Bottle Opener and Cool color retro Sun Glasses. I will submit your name as berth winners and then you will be able to register for the 2013 Michigan Disc Golf Championships in Ludington Sat-Sun, August 31-1, 2013

Payout Award$:
Payout awards this year are through two partner organizations; the ThrowShop who has supported the MiCPS last year and is a local Michigan Disc Golf company and new this year Marshal Street for those who desire online selections. Players have a week to notify DGLA of their choice of where their award gift certificate will be issued by. You will be notified by email concerning your gift certificate and redemption process. We hope players enjoy the choices.


1 Dale "Llama" Wrobel $45.00
2 Jason Kirkaldy $35.00
3 samuel smith $25.00
4 Daemon Stahlin $20.00
5 Ben Ciccarelli $20.00
6 jon kind $15.00
7 Jim Daniels $10.00
8 Mike Stratford $10.00
9 Jerry "Chilly" Chilson $10.00
10 Scott Sprow $10.00
11 Jamie Mosier $5.00
12 Ron Howard $5.00
13 John McClenahan $5.00
14 Adam Schneider $5.00
15 Jason Adamski $5.00
16 Tyler Kind $5.00
17 Josh "J Bird" Frisinger $5.00
18 michael howard $5.00
19 Foz Miller $5.00
20 Lisa Hartman $5.00
21 Jake Schooley $5.00
22 Derek Trinkle $5.00
23 Wade Calvert $5.00
24 Scott Martinelli $5.00
25 Bob D. $5.00
26 matt schooley $5.00
27 Jimmy Jean $5.00
28 andy steiner $5.00
29 Scott White $5.00
30 DEEZ "Nf" $5.00
Total Payout: $300.00

MiCPS-Summer 2013 Season award preview

Thirty DGLA Player already in the Summer season, those who signed up before January 15th got both seasons for the same price. For each of these 30 players $5 has been added into the Summer season award fund. For each new DGLA player member for the summer season $15 of the Player fee is added. So we are at $150 and growing.

2013 Discraft Michigan State Championships berths:
Summer (7) - Based on the stats for the Summer 2013 season those players who are DGLA Player level members and who have not already won a berth:
(5) Top 5 players by points
(1) Top Female
(1) Most highlighted leagues of the Week (HLW) played.

Ben Jackson   April 2, 2013 at 1:04pm

Thanks for everything you do Foz!

Jason Kirkaldy   April 2, 2013 at 2:11pm

yeah buddy thanks allot!

John "Johnny Mac" McClenahan   April 2, 2013 at 5:23pm

ty foz for everything. its greatly appreciated.

Jamie The Sauce Mosier   April 3, 2013 at 10:33am

Ty for doing this foz but 11th place getting the same as 30th is weak sauce. Hopefully the first year of dgla won't always be the best...

Jamie The Sauce Mosier   April 3, 2013 at 10:35am

A $5 certificate to the throw shop makes it able to by a disc at the regular going rate

Jeff Bauman   April 3, 2013 at 12:35pm

I think James is right, $300 is not enough to pay 30 people.

Josh "J. FRI." Frisinger   April 3, 2013 at 7:25pm

Have the Emails been sent out to collect?