Ypsi Dubs 2012/13 - Winter Glow - Tuesdays   March 13, 2013 at 2:53pm

Ypsi Dubs Glow - Season Wrap-Up - 3/13/2013

So the temps dipped back down but not enough for double points. All in all that is a good thing as Spring is here and the Winter season is official over for Ypsi Dubs Glow.

Now do not worry because the Original Ypsi Dubs Tuesday will begin next Tuesday and Matt Schooley will be at the helm as he was last summer and I will be there to drive him crazy and accept all the kudos ;-) Thanks Matt.

Ben and Nate - Sorry, I did not verify last names so if I have the wrong entry for last night's round please let me know and I'll fix it so you get credit for it on here and the MiCPS-W. Great to have you guys out at Ypsi Dubs.

I'd also like to extend a big thanks to Scott Sprow. Not only did he step up to take on Washtenaw County Glow at Bandemer since Scott White defected to the Canadian Disc Golf Leagues ;-) but Scott facilitated cooperatively combining Ypsi Dubs Glow and WC Glow alternating weeks/courses, which increasing participation and the overall FUN factor. He also ran this league when I was out. Thanks Scott, it is always a pleasure collaborating with you - thanks for your dedication to leagues. I look forward to our next winter collaborations.

A big thanks to all you crazy winter disc golfers. Some crazy weather, double points and crazy storms, It is crazy but it also adds a lot to the disc'n experience to be out in these conditions, getting our Glow On, while the sun sets early. It all because you all that I'm out each week and enjoy this all so much. What a great group of players. THANKS!

OK - Last Night - Last Round

Well coming in to the round Brett Russel was just ahead of Jason Jopps and a bit further ahead of me. What Me - just goes to show coming out every week really does help the point accrual, along with some great partners ;-).

Unfortunately Jason had work commitments which did not let him make it out to challenge the top spot but Brett was out to secure his berth. Brett had the lead, had a solid round to secure second place last night and as icing on the cake another Winter Ace to amass 106 points and take home the berth to the 2013 Discraft Michigan State Championships in Ludington in Sept. Great Season Brett - Congratulations

Congrats to Jason Kirkaldy who managed to jump up to second overall. Jason Jopps for third place overall. Great season guys.

Even more berths up for grabs at the Ypsi Dubs Tuesday and Sunday Church leagues this summer....

Round results:
1st -15 39 Jason Kirkaldy and Anslie Newman $40 14
2nd -14 40 Brett Russell and Ben Ciccarelli $20 10
3rd -13 41 Matt Schooley and Scott Sprow - 8

Overall Final Standings Top 20 (3/13/2013)
Player Points
1 Brett Russell 106
2 Jason Kirkaldy 73
3 Jason Jopps 66
4 Foz Miller 60
5 Jeff Poissant 54
6 Scott Sprow 50
7 Ron Howard 48
7 Ben Ciccarelli 48
9 Ben Calhoun 46
10 Jamie Mosier 45
11 Sean Manning 43
12 Sam Smith 40
13 Daryl Ballios 38
14 Anslie Newman 34
15 Chilly Chillson 30
16 Sheldon Bowen 28
16 Ken Moote 28
18 Matt Schooley 26
19 Danny Fifer 22
19 Derek Trinkle 22

Ben Ross   March 13, 2013 at 11:07am

It's Ben Ross and Nate Yarbrough. Doesn't look likes it's linked up to mine. Thanks Foz!