DGLA: Michigan Cooperative Point Series - Winter 2012/13   December 14, 2012 at 7:11pm

DGLA: MiCPS-Winter 2013 FAQ update - Berths and payouts

Here is a recent question that I have also gotten during several rounds recently. I thought the info would be helpful for many other players.

“Am I reading correctly that we won’t get a berth for top spots in winter MiCPS unless we pay for the DGLA Player membership?
I’m sure that will help the DGLA memberships specifically but what about the MAJORITY of people that choose not to be a member, what will those people get for top spots?”

Great questions and topics – Thanks

I’m going to answer the questions in reverse order.
There are two categories of players in the MiCPS, FREE and DGLA Player Members. The FREE players break down into two sub-categories, Free Non-DGLA members and Free DGLA members who decide not to upgrade to DGLA Player members status. All players are on the main leaderboard and are competing for the title 2013 Michigan Disc Golf League Champion Winter or Summer season.

For the no cost players who have profiles on Disc Golf Scene and play in participating leagues, not only are their league rounds posted, their stats track for that league, their awards and accomplishments posted on their profile and in the News for their connected “Friends” to see what they are up to and facilitate more interaction and more excitement focused around Disc Golf, as a FREE participant in the MiCPS this all is happens on a Statewide basis as well. This has the advantages of highlighting players throughout the state if for only one round or for a hot week or great monthly performances and ultimately for continued great performance for the season. The biggest and most lasting impact is that the players who consistently perform well raise to the top of the leaderboard. How? Well their stats are there for all to see. How many leagues rounds do they play? Do they play the same league or do they play several leagues? How often do they win? Did they hit an Ace or two during the season? All those details are captured and calculated automatically. The stats are easily visible to beginners and veterans, all get to compare themselves to others players like themselves, or at the level they aspire to reach, whether you’re a new player or a Pro in your twentieth year of competition, play once a week or four times a week there are others you can compare yourself to throughout the state…. When you watch your favorite sport on TV most of the commentary is related to player’s stats, comparing how they are doing this year over the last years or against other players. These stats are what help to differentiate the players and to elevate performers to new heights which may translate in Fan Base, Compensation or New Opportunities. Most people like to see what others are doing and most like it when others know when they have improved or achieved. Now in most competitions the premiere achievement and award is to determine which competitor is the best out of all the many competitors. In the case of the MiCPS, DGLA answers the question Who really is the top Disc Golf League player in the state? DGLA is happy to provide a framework to involve as many leagues as possible with rules that are fair and balance many factors from size of leagues, number of league rounds per week, among others and do not burden league coordinators with additional work, effort or cost. Players do not need to pay anything to be involved and yet they get all the excitement and stats. DGLA in cooperation with MDGO is proud to be able to crowned Michigan Disc Golf League Champion.

“…what about the MAJORITY of people that choose not to be a member…”
We know it takes a while for players to understand what this is all about. Some don’t like to join organizations and some don’t go online often but we know that if we can get the players together it will help the sport grow; it will help exchange ideas of what works and what does not, it will help bring new ideas to reality, it will help increase the # of courses and improve existing courses, it will help clubs start, and improve, it will help bring more attention to the sport and events, it will bring more sponsors. Leagues players represent more players than just Tournament players. The potential is great to show the world that this Sport is big and getting bigger and there are fun and competitive options for everyone, at every level.
Just by becoming a free DGLA member and securing your life time DGLA membership, the increase in number helps in this mission. You can get involved or just keep enjoying playing disc golf and know you are helping the Sport grow.


MDGO Berths cost the leagues or clubs money and so they have to be paid for somehow – Yup this is a no brainer and so all events that I’m aware of the players have to pay some type or entry fee to be eligible to compete for the berths and cover the costs of the berth and event. But we offer even more….. For $30, less than most tournament you get to compete all season long, heck two season if you sign up during the Winter season before January 15th, you get a shot at more berths than any tournament offers, player pack, contribution to the DGLA Course Improvement grant program and payouts……..

Payout – yes for Summer 2012 we had 23 Player members. $345 was up for grabs and every one of the Player members got some level of payout. DGLA made no money off of this – we are a Non-profit organization, with no money paid to any director or staff, it all goes to improving Disc Golf. Our 2012 accounting will be posted shortly for all to view on the DiscGolfLeagueAssociation.org website.

What is the potential for payouts – So with $15 per Player member fee going toward payouts let's look at the potential:

For the first season we had 38 leagues and 734 players overall players, we had 23 player members. That meant there was $345 up for grabs as well as berths for those 23 player members. Now the number of players is continuously growing but we’ll use these numbers for example.
If we had one third of the players as DGLA Player members we would be playing for $3,303.00 and just image if we had all 734 players and we were playing for over $11,000.00. And that is with no additional sponsorship which we hope to be adding to the incentives soon. The potential is great and growing. That would also represent almost $3700 toward Michigan Course improvements that the members get to decide where that money is used within the state of Michigan. Not bad for less than the average tournament registration fee.

Currently we have 37 leagues in the Winter MiCPS with 283 players so far, with only 5 Player members competing for the MDGO state Disc Golf Championship berths. They will be competing for 3 to 4 berths, with one going to the top women and the rest based on final standing on the Player Member's leaderboard.


And these Player Members are also eligible for the Summer MiCPS season and the remaining 6 to 7 berths and bigger payouts based on a bigger Summer season turnout normally. Since the Summer season ends a month before the MDGO State Championships and many of the top players will already have secured their berths from the Winter season and other tournaments it means there is a high probability that DGLA Player Members will earn a berth if they desire to go and compete at the MDGO Michigan Disc Golf Championships.

DGLA currently has 78 total members so there are 22 more spots to be consider a founding member (first 100 members) of DGLA, and securing your lifetime membership number. We are about to take the Cooperative Point Series to other states to begin building a nationwide awareness of Disc Golf League Association and building our representation of the Disc Golf League player. Add to the visibility of who is doing what throughout the country and one day the world. With your input and involvement this could be the largest group of Disc Golf players ever with the greatest potential for improving the sport for all level of players. We hope to build programs and improve the sport together and look forward to seeing everyone at a league someplace in the world, often.
Please keep your questions and ideas coming. Peace.