Thomas "T" D.  › Camp Taloali   November 8, 2012 at 2:27am

Being from up North of the Salem area, I have no room to speak on this subject, Steve but I have to say that for all of the "Calls to Duty" that you have issued to the local golfing group, it's sad that your requests for help go un-answered. Its not just down South or disc golfers, Steve. Its HUMAN NATURE. Humans are "Takers". They never give without being able to take. ALL HUMANS!! People don't want to work when they can play. I read every post that asks for volunteers to help. The same handful of dedicated and willing workers. To few to do anything but put a small dent in the task ahead. Still the work gets done, slowly but surely. While the same 100's of people enjoy playing the course's down there, its the same few Volunteers that show up to do the work. Try posting a work party with FREE BEER & HOT DOGS for every person who puts in 4 hours of hard work. Thats back to the "Takers" all Humans are. Offer something people can take and they will show up to get it. Put the beer and food clear across the park and tell them to work their way to it. It just seems that what my grand-mother Harris would say, "Youth is wasted on the young." They want to live so fast and do everything now not realizing that by doing the work first, makes the job last your whole life. Grand-ma Harris wasn't the first person to say it but it's so damn true. Keep up the good fight and dont let the bastards get ya down, Kudos to you and the Crew that did show up for the tee-pad work.