Steve Carson  › Pier Park   May 29, 2012 at 1:05am

Pier Park 10th Anniversary Destroyers
Pier Park Disc Golf Course, in Portland, Oregon, has a local neighborhood group called Friends of Pier Park that helps maintain and watch after the park. This group had fundraiser discs made up for the 10th Anniversary of the course. There were 25 KC Rocs and 25 Echo Star Destroyers. After the Rose City Open (local B-Tier) there are only a few discs left.

The group is working with to sell the rest of the discs online. Here' the link...

Unfortunately, the KC Rocs are all gone, but there are 10 Destroyers left and they are selling for $20 each. These will sell very quickly so if you'd like one it'd be best to buy it right away!