Mike Manard  › Lakeshore   July 16, 2011 at 7:37pm

I am also very confused regarding the anger and use of the words "stealing" and "consequences". There are no signs/fences/ropes denoting that area as off-limits, and to my understanding the property isn't owned by anyone running the Throw Shop (as can be Googled quickly or simply inferred from the spiteful "protest the carnival" comment below). Playing a casual round of disc golf, it is quite common to see someone go in shallow water after their disc and maybe even come out with a couple extras if they're lucky (and if they're marked, calling the owner). I wouldn't even have known anyone was upset by this issue if I hadn't been on Ben Calhoun's card last Sunday when I threw one in the water. I was actually pretty baffled by the news and my reaction was basically, "Whatever, I don't care about the extras and just want to find my Buzzz." As I've thought about it more and more, though, I don't understand how anyone is in a position to enforce "consequences" for going in the water. It is a publicly accessible park and most of those people are just trying to retrieve their own discs. As far as I can tell, such actions seem legit. I welcome any elaboration/explanation of your angry post.