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The Throw Shop    November 29 at 12:59pm

Shop open normal hours today and all weekend, big sale!


Mike S    November 23 at 11:19pm

Thank You Throw Shop for the cute little disc left on my van today!
Nice work on the pads and new layout.


Joey Munoz    November 20 at 7:03pm

Left a blank/ no stamp axiom pyro on the course yesterday :( blue core and purple rim. One of my favorites, hoping to get it back


Vincent Cocciolone    November 16 at 10:24pm

New layout's DOPE!

The Throw Shop   November 17 at 5:16pm

Thank you!

The Throw Shop    November 16 at 7:06pm

Tees are for the most part or at least about half cleared. Some by nice people, some by just nature already. Snow about 3-4", partially clearing out in small spots.


The Throw Shop    November 8 at 5:16pm

All OPEN! But you'll have to throw from the side on a couple of Ponds tees this weekend.


The Throw Shop    November 7 at 4:37pm

Ponds course is OPEN and super dry today.


The Throw Shop    October 30 at 7:28pm

The new cement tees are OPEN! More to go but the 8 new ones are open and able to be played now, enjoy. The new "Ponds" layout is all-cement today.


Raymond "CHIPP" Chippewa    October 30 at 1:48am

Lost a yellow 2018 mvp circuit. ( plasma) shock in pond.. From long tee far left., almost over but, musta rolled back into pond... Name and number on disc.. Would love to have it back....


Timmy Redman    October 26 at 8:00pm

I enjoyed the new holes very much! Can't wait until the rough is more forgiving lol well done Ben!

The Throw Shop   October 26 at 8:08pm

Thanks sounds like they got ya! That's the idea. I want everyone to feel challenged by that course.

Timmy Redman   October 27 at 3:01am

Couple bad kicks but threw a few beauties out there. Some nice lines out there.

The Throw Shop    October 24 at 8:38pm

You may notice some tee pad frames are in! Please, do NOT throw from inside, or touch them. Please play from beside or behind until the tees are poured and ready.


The Throw Shop    October 21 at 3:53pm

You- yes you- can do something about the lack of cement tees at Lakeshore on the new holes! Please send Paypal donations (put donation for tee pad in notes) to [email redacted], we're starting to gear up to get them going this week and have to literally break the bank to get this done. We keep this course FREE for all, please donate if you play here ever. Even a few dollars will go a long way if everyone can chip in, thanks.


Joey Munoz    October 16 at 12:25am

Lost a blue misprint Buzzz somewhere along the back 18 (z plastic). Friend lost a throw shop stamp axiom insanity on the final hole of the back 18. It’s in a tree where we couldn’t retrieve :/. Can’t expect to get em back but if anyone sees either I would appreciate a shout.


The Throw Shop    October 14 at 9:02pm


The Throw Shop    October 6 at 6:37pm

Working hard to get the new signs up. For now, if you don't want to try to navigate the new layouts just use your memory/Udisc/old map to play the old- they haven't and won't change per-hole, the order of the holes. So you'll ALWAYS be able to play the old 18, or 24, etc.

Tom Estes   October 7 at 2:15am

love the progress ... Just want to say one thing that helps is the colors on the basket pointing towards the next hole .. would be nice to see this on all the baskets once everything is completed :)

The Throw Shop   October 7 at 2:00pm

Yup, about 30% now have them already.

The Throw Shop    October 3 at 5:42pm

*Saturday, 10/5*
Work day on the new holes. There's still a lot to get done to be able to have cement tees this year and carve out landing zones, remove stumps, etc. We could REALLY use your help. Don't watch football, help grow the sport in your back yard.
If you can work 2+ hours, get a free disc and lunch. It will be fairly cold early on, but dry. Wear pants, long sleeves, glasses and gloves if you can. We will be out in the woods near what is now known as "X2" ... more


Steve Nolff A3    October 3 at 1:05am

HOLY SPOOKTACULAR!! A3 is throwing the season best Halloween Disc Golf Bash. We are creating a Halloween nightmare out of the Labyrinth putting course at Rolling Hills. A professional lighting and sound experience that will blow you away. You can come out and just play the evening glow round or play both the daytime round and the glow to give yourself a chance at the the Buzzz Bag.

Join us for the Mystic Labyrinth at Rolling Hills

1 Round of 18 Holes (Main Course)
... more


The Throw Shop    October 1 at 4:09pm

The Woods- 18 hole layout is "complete". 18 playable holes in the new woods layout! Come be the first to play it. You WILL need a map. Please note: 9 Long tee does not exist yet, and 10 Short Basket does not exist yet. These new holes are nowhere near done, but each is ready enough to be played so the course is open. We're working to change signs so right now many signs may be innacurate or completely unmarked. Most new holes have no signs and none have cement tees yet.

Tom Estes   October 1 at 10:55pm

sounds sweet can't wait to play :)

Brian Hyzertron Crouch   October 1 at 11:45pm

I had a lot of fun playing the new holes. Some tricky tight lines for sure. Are they going to add the course layout to the scene so I can post my very mediocre round? Haha

The Throw Shop   October 2 at 2:58pm

I'm going to add the layout to here, Udisc- etc, once more/most new signs are up. I shot -5 Woods 18 (Short) pretty happy with that. That's to the long basket (maybe 2 strokes saved to short basket once in) and 9 birdie 2's. Skipped into parking lot to finish the round OB..

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