Dan'hyzer' Kilgore  › Forked Run State Park   May 17, 2011 at 10:54pm

Thanks, Scott. Appreciate the update. Seriously thinkning of playing Forked Run early next week (depending on the wetther). My initive is to play as amny DGC as I can and although I've played F.R. before, a lot has changed over the years and sometimes one just has to play a good DGC more than once if given the chance. I'm planning to play the DGC in Logan, Ohio (as I haven't played that one yet), maybe the one @ Hocking college and then F.R.. But a lot depends on the weather. Hopefully the sun will rear it's ugly head sometime this spring. We're all waiting, patiently.

Thanks again for the update. Will the basket postitions change from what John Buck posted on May, 21st? and if so will it be easily recognized (posted on a bulletin board) at the park?