Jamie The Sauce Mosier  › Independence Lake County Park   November 9, 2010 at 2:46am

I have dueced 16 3 times and seen it deuced at least 5 other time if u think it could be a par 4 u r mentally challenged(cough*dan lee*cough) if u can throw 450 it is all about luck getting a duece. Good tweek cuz it's scoring differential should be more extreme. Being longs/pros the caliber player it is meant for should have no problem 3ing it weather righty/lefty bomber or not. Read some course development resources on pdga then talk some sh!t. Only good point made for old pin is by Pete if u r considering a duece from white as an am 3 move the Fu(k up and don't be a pu$$y. Btw there's no other holes like the new pin either. My $.02