Independence Lake County Park

Whitmore Lake, Michigan     1 course · 24 holes     Driving directions
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Mr. Retired    2 days ago

Lost a Blue Z Buzzz in the leaf piles on the right side of hole 1, pin high. Big reward

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Mr. Retired   1 day ago

Indy did a cool thing a blew all the leaves off the fairway, but into giant piles just off the fairway...

Dave Lassen   18 hours ago

Hopefully it turns up that was a sweet buzzz

Shaun Adkins   18 hours ago

Key word is "was".

Sean McCoy    3 days ago

Played the 12 new holes Today and was very very pleased at the layout and the variety of the hole configurations. The majority of the tee pads were woodchip with a few being grass tee pads. Good mixture of 150-200 foot holes, 250-300 as well as a few 340+. One of the new additions forces you to lay up to set yourself up for a shot over a bridged walking area that really challenges you to throw 2 good shots for a par 3. Cannot wait to play again, probably later this week.

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Cassidy Mayne   3 days ago

Is the layout easy to follow without a map?

Sean McCoy   3 days ago

Somewhat easy. There is signage arrows pointing you and fairly easy to navigate. However, 3 of the holes including X1 (first extra, all of them are X#) are long far dog legs. And thus it is really challenging to see off tee. The hole I mentioned above X7 we had no clue where it was and had to walk almost 250 feet to the gap.

Tyler alfano   3 days ago

Looks like I know where I'm playing Friday! Same baskets as the rest of the #d holes or are they chainstars?

Mike Fortunato    November 26 at 11:13am

Excited to announce the opening of the new 12 hole addition to the Red Hawk (Chuck D.) course. Sleeves are poured and baskets should be going in the ground sometime next week. Teepads will be temporary as we tweak them over the course of the next year. The plan as of now is to get permanent concrete poured in spring/summer 2018. There will be temporary directional signage placed, but no hole signage until permanent pads go in. We've been working closely with the park staff since Februar ... more

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Jeff Hollinger WPD   7 days ago

Woo! cant wait to play the new holes!

Nick Oliver   7 days ago

So exciting. Ty! If you guys ever need logos or design stuff for the course let me know. I'd love to be a part.

Jared Utke   4 days ago

Bad Ass

Mark Neiger    November 18 at 1:27pm

Found a disc on hole 18 today no name or number on the back tell me the mold the color and the plastic and I will get it back to you

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Mark Neiger   November 18 at 8:16pm

Another swing and a miss sorry

Brett Piziali   November 19 at 6:14am

MVP or Axiom?

Mark Neiger   November 19 at 8:21am

No sorry not those either

Mark Neiger    November 9 at 4:32pm

My buddy lost a yellow g-star destroyer on hole 9 in the tall grass off the right side of fairway today no ink on back but has a chip out of it on edge


Andy Gumtow    November 1 at 10:11am

Lost a Firebird on E, looked for almost 2 hours! Cash reward if found and returned!


Nancy Leat   November 6 at 8:00am

What color is it? I found one yesterday but not on E

Andy Gumtow   November 7 at 1:06pm

Champ plastic yellow with a blue stamp.. has ink on the back

Nancy Leat   November 9 at 7:40pm

no ink on back...

Just The Tim    October 29 at 6:08pm

Found a glow disc on the right side of the fairway on hole 8. No ink on it. Let me know what it is and I'll get it back to you.


Rooster Robb DeHaan    October 19 at 12:03pm

Is there any time line on when the new holes will be installed?


Ryan Shoner    October 11 at 7:26pm

left a nate sexton firebird on last extra, reward for return

lyle downing   October 12 at 9:47pm

Drew asel has it, said he sent you a message

Mike Sims    October 10 at 3:41pm

Lost a clear blue Innova F2 Beast on one of the early holes. Name and number is written on the inside brim. Reward for return.


John "Santa" Herman    September 27 at 8:06am

I lost my favorite disc on Sunday, It's an MVP Circuit Disc, Signal, white. Please let me know if you find it. It has my name, phone #, etc on the back.


William Freed    September 27 at 7:55am

Left a maroon champ thunderbird that's pretty beat on 18 Sunday evening. Reward for return!


travis kleier    September 26 at 2:14pm

Lost orange star AJ destroyer on 16 on the right side if someone finds it please message me on here thank you


Paulie "P-Dawg" Whitmore    September 26 at 11:58am

Lost a Lime Green DDx and a ugly yellow DDx, and King (bright yellow) over the last 3 days. reward for any of those returned. It was a rough weekend.............


Daniel J Lee    September 26 at 10:45am

Last week- Lost a yellow KC pro aviar ob hole 4- shanked hard right far into the schule.

Saturday- Lost a green metal flake Roc3 on 6, another shank hard right far into the schule/long grass.

Reward for returns, they have my info in them.


Joe 'Dirt' LaPerna    September 26 at 10:20am

Lost a pink hannah tern on hole 8 to the left. Reward.


Brett Piziali    September 26 at 8:14am

anyone lose a older yellow Roc at Indy hole 4 recently ? describe the stamp and/or the ink on the back and I'll gladly get it back to you.

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Daniel J Lee   September 26 at 10:42am

No, that was a green MF Roc3 I lost on 6.

Paulie "P-Dawg" Whitmore   September 26 at 11:13am

Bar stamp Super Roc? Has circles (marker) on it.

Brett Piziali   September 26 at 11:21am

sorry none of those guys. it's DX old school

Douglas McIntosh    September 24 at 7:16pm

Lost a yellow Star Tee-Rex on hole 11 left and short of the basket in the bushes, pretty sure name and number are inside the rim


Brian Sweet    September 13 at 11:40am

Lost a White Axiom Vanish on right side of hole 5. Has red marbling in the rim. No name no number but I'd appreciate it and would be willing to give you another MVP or axiom disc as a reward.


Isaac Momrik    September 7 at 1:11pm

Lost a glow Orc dyed red marbling on hole 12 left side. If found, please call.

"Mag1c" Mike Visger   September 7 at 6:00pm

That thing is so had to see.. hope it gets found

Isaac Momrik   September 9 at 1:13am

I know...I lost it like basket high in the tall grass, looked for like 30 minutes. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise.

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