RIVAL CLUBS   October 21, 2012 at 7:07am


I have calculated the players points and found some series leaders.

General division;
Hayden Rue ----------8 points
Open division;
Chris Wilcox ----------8 points
Masters division;
Lee Hartman----------7 points
Terry Shuler ----------7 points
Grand Masters division;
Joe Higgins -----------8 points
Women's division;
Kenna M.--------------4 points
Connie V.--------------4 points
Lisa S.------------------4 points
JRs division;
Austin M.---------------4 points
Bradon S.---------------4 points
Johnny H.---------------4 points

The women's and JRs divisions have 3 way ties and I recommend all division leaders make it out to the "RIVAL CLUBS FINALE" because division leaders will be awarded as well as RIVAL CLUB with the most total points.

As for RIVAL CLUBS series points;

M.V.D.S.A.-------------47 points
C.C.D.G.---------------45 points
Chain Gang-----------35 points
S.S.N.W.--------------30 points

(after recalculating for a 4 possible system for the series) Some players info is missing from results but with a bit of searching I was able to determine who played for what clubs. Please contact me via PMs if any questions or comments.